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Barefoot Beach in Labadee

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We will be on the Liberty in a Grand Suite and one of the stops is Labadee. My understanding is that Barefoot Beach is for suite guests and others that rent a cabana. DH and I are  traveling with our 2 adult children and their significant others but they are each in a balcony cabin. Would they be able to go to Barefoot beach with us or do I have to rent a cabana in order to keep us all together?   We were told to talk to our Conceirge about renting a cabana but in our cruise planner, they are almost sold out and the cruise isn't for another year.  

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In the scenario you present I would rent the cabana now, don't wait. It's a nice little home base. I think you will be happy you did. You can always give it up if you change your mind. It's a really nice beach and now that they open the ability for all to purchase they may sell out. We have rented them and enjoy the space. The prices have sky rocketed though so I would make sure everyone prefers this type of beach day. We went with friends & they rented the over water cabana well over 1,000.00 last year. They went to explore the Island, went zip lining etc. Maybe spent a total of 1.5 hours total at theirs, what a waste of money in my opinion doing it that way. 

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