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Royal has not announced a specific reduced single supplement event but they do offer reduced single supplements on select sailing and select cabins.   

Celebrity had become very unfriendly to the solo cruiser once they bundled everything into the fare.  Not only did the solo on X pay 200% cruise fare but twice for beverage package and internet yet only received one internet login and couldn't drink twice as much to make up for paying for two bundled drink packages.  Celebrity had to do something to entice solo cruisers so they created a promotion.  Royal doesn't need a promotion like Celebrity did.  

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Haven't seen an announcement for reduced single supplement, often it's just being lucky to stumble on it. I found one a few weeks back for a cruise that leaves tomorrow, but only noticed because the price didn't jump in my mock booking after choosing 1 passenger. 

I think it was due to being a not typical 3 day sailing for the ship during the week and Royal trying to fill the ship up as much as they could (which I think they did because as of last week some cabin categories were showing sold out). But when I saw it as cheap as it was I called my TA to get it on hold, then made sure I could get the time off work and booked it!

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