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GTY Cabin to BTB


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Hello! Looking for advice on this! Booked on NavOTS 11/3/2022. 4 night cruise. Looking to book the 10/31/22 3 night and make it a BTB as it is SUPER cheap. However, we booked into an OV GTY on 11/3, and room has not yet been assigned. Checked in today and can see using the barcode trick that we will probably be in a given room. Was hoping to book that same room for 10/31, but even though 10/31 is almost empty, that specific stateroom is booked. 11/3 is almost fully booked. So trying to see what my options are. OV GTY on 10/31 is a great deal, but we were looking at paying to assign a room on that cruise if we could match the same cabins. However, now that we can see that 11/3 is almost a completely full ship, and the specific cabin we are (probably) assigned on 11/3 is full on 10/31, what is the best way to get the same cabin on both ships.

(And yes, I know we could pay to upgrade our cabin on 11/3, but prices have gone up a significant amount (more than doubled), and that would eat the budget to even book the second cruise.)

Anyone know an affordable way to get the same cabin on both cruises? Could a TA do this or is that out of their control?

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You can ask to move your GTY once it is officially assigned but other than doing that and hopefully being able to match it with the newly booked cabin, I don't see any way you can do it.

FWIW, we moved cabins during a 3 and 4-night B2B in July and it wasn't a big deal. Everything will be moved to your new cabin by your stateroom attendant. Anything you hang up in your closet will be moved on the hangers and hung in your next closet. You just have to toss everything else in your suitcases which will also be moved for you.

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