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Miami Port Hotel Recommendations?

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I've got a cruise booked for May and I'm starting to gather info for travel plans. Anyone have any good hotels they stay at when they go out Port Miami that tends to not be etremely expensive? I'd love to be in one of the hotels right near the port, but when I look up pricing for May it's insane, like almost $300-400 for a night for most of the surrounding hotels.

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When I cruised out of Miami, I used an Airbnb.  The one I stayed at was between the airport and the port.  It is an older neighborhood, not a bad one.  The house is a two-story house, and they have a entrance on the side of the house that goes upstairs for the rooms they rent out.  It was clean and very inexpensive.  The way I looked at it, I had a clean bed and shower.  I used Uber and Lift to get me to the Airbnb and port.  Overall, I saved lots of money.  Here is a link to the one I stayed at.  Jay's Profile - Airbnb

Note:  You have to carry your luggage up a flight of stairs.

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1 hour ago, Lexster said:

How did I miss that? Sorry for the dupe topic!

Wasn’t spanking your hand 🙂 I just wanted to point you in the right direction. Actually when I have a question, the first thing that I do is search the board - you would be surprised how much great information there is here that may be 3, 8, or 40 pages back on ports, hotels, excursions, etc. 👍🏼

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