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If you're cruising Alaska. . .

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Hello all! I'm posting this article here from The Points Guy. The lack of organization and confusion of the author's COVID isolation in Vancouver is yet another reason why I'm relieved we canceled our Southbound cruise and booked an Alaska land vacation instead. Full disclosure: we initially canceled due to a friend in our travel party choosing not to become vaccinated.

https://thepointsguy.com/news/cruise-covid-isolation-hotel/?utm_source=TPG Daily Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=4410066&utm_usr=a9dbe12c394618ecf4382af7f71562504f1598219ec811560556920ab979e7be&utm_msg=3f92e09a5c484a3899396b5f45b0674e&utm_date=2022-06-04

FWIW, we chose to keep our original inbound flight and take the train from Anchorage to Seward and back when we end our stay on the Kenai Penninsula. In Seward, I have reserved a car from Turo, a cabin in Cooper Landing on the river, a fishing guide for six days, a hiking guide for one day, and other excursions planned or shooting from the hip. We choose to cruise for two reasons: the cruise experience and sample new global regions. We took an Alaskan southbound cruise in 2019, and it was fantastic. We knew we wanted to experience more of Alaska on our schedule and interest. I will miss having my food prepared for me and the other niceties of cruising, but this is why we cruise. Win-win.

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This is a risk we all face traveling abroad for cruises and having to fly back.  The fact that testing is required to come home via plane, but not via car or ship just shows how arbitrary it is.  At the very least, all citizens should be able to freely travel back home without need of testing.  At least with Canada, you have the option to rent a car or take a bus to get back to US.  Then once you are within US, you are free to travel by plane (covid or not).  In Europe that would not be the case of course.

One can argue the ethics of doing that or not, but I have no doubt it happens everyday.  Hopefully the cruise and travel lobbies will be successful in convincing the current administration to drop it (at least for citizens).  


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Well this kinda scares me a bit because I do not fly. I have a serious flying phobia so flying an absolute no go for me. We are doing a very short 4 day cruise to Halifax in late July. Hopefully nothing happens. Also Canada seems to have lost its mind with Covid, just a bit over the top and yeah the "just a bit" is sarcasm. 

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