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Voom question

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5 hours ago, Buffalo to Lakewood Ranch said:

If 2 in my party have the surf and stream package, can we use iMessage or do we need something like WhatsApp to be able to text each other?

You can use IMessage if your iPhone has Wi-Fi calling. I and probably most people use WhatsApp because it is more universal

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I've had no problem using iMessage with others who have the surf package (I don't do stream) and for calling home I can use wifi calling or What's App,
I've also successfully used iMessage with my sisterinlaw who has a Samsung.

I also can use Facetime or What's App for "facetime".  Be sure whoever you are traveling with has downloaded What's App in case you find you need it, but you likely won't need it.

The biggest issue I have with texting and internet has been on Anthem.   Voom Surf only has worked well on Oasis and Freedom.  Your experience may vary.

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9 hours ago, anxiouscruiser said:

We were on serenade up to alaska and the surf and stream worked excellent. I could facetime and do whatever i wanted. It was definitely a bit slower than at home but still worked fine. 

I'm so glad to hear that. Getting onboard next week

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