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Casino and smoking

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According to the Royal Caribbean website, casinos allow smoking except for designated areas.


What are the designated areas?  How smokey is the casino?


I wanted to try the casino, but also don't want to have an outfit smell like smoke for the entire cruise.





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Been on 3 different cruises, on 2 different boats and spent alot of time in the casino each time. Never found it to be that bad. Unless your sitting in a section where you are surrounded by smokers, it should be ok. They usually also have a section that is some free for the whole cruise in the casino, and they also have at least one evening during the cruise where the whole casino is smoke free.


So if all you want to do is "try" the caisno, and not spend the whole cruise there, your outfits won't smell like smoke for the cruise. And if they do, their laundry services are very affordable, efficent and quick/great service based on my experience!

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Most of the designated areas are up on top, near the pool areas on one side of a ship- they have them marked

and that is the only other area besides the casino that people usually can smoke freely.   They do often have

a "Smoke Free" casino option, during one day of cruises depending on the ship etc

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I  do have asthma.  I am also allergic to dogs, cats, and dust.  But I realize I have to accept and deal with these things in my everyday life or I would never do anything or go anywhere.


If we block and ban everything that pople dont like/enjoy/appreciate or are allergic to or have potential reactions to, we might as well live in a bubble.


So based on my experience, and from someone who does have asthma(the orginal posted did not indicate that was his issue with the smoke) I would say the casino's arent that bad when it comes to making your clothes smell!! :)

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