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  1. Matt, great podcast. I'd like to add a wrinkle to the question: If you knew the cruise was going through wet weather and/or rough seas, which room would you prefer, Interior or Balcony? Thanks, Neil
  2. I would guess that one of the "perks" of the drink package is knowing that you'd already paid for it beforehand. If this is the goal but you also want to make certain you don't lose money, could you not get a prepaid debit card with the amount of the total drink package on it, and use that to pay off your bar tab? (Idea blatantly stolen from countless episodes of WDW Today discussing the Disney Dining Plan. Hopefully I won't have to pay Matt, Len, Mike, and Mike a tax for using their idea.)
  3. Can you share your wine with other people at the table? For example, I got the wine/dine package, could my wife and parents partake from my bottle?
  4. Having never been on a cruise, I'm curious what is a typical day at sea for the members of this forum. What time do you get up? Where do you have breakfast? What's a typical morning activity? Where do you eat lunch? What's an afternoon activity? Where do you prefer dinner? What about evening activities? What time do you finally collapse into bed?
  5. Still in early trip planning stages of very first cruise. I'm fairly certain that when we stop at George Town, Grand Cayman, all we will want to do is hang out at the beach. Royal Caribbean's website suggests an excursion at 7 Mile Beach. Based on the posting, for $46 per adult and $36 per child (so $164 for my family), I would get 4 complimentary drinks and lounge chairs, but no food. This doesn't seem like a great value when the beach is a public beach. What am I missing here? Can anyone else comment on going to the beach at Grand Cayman (or any of the Caribbean ports)? Thanks, Neil
  6. Thank you for the advice, everyone!
  7. According to the Royal Caribbean website, casinos allow smoking except for designated areas. What are the designated areas? How smokey is the casino? I wanted to try the casino, but also don't want to have an outfit smell like smoke for the entire cruise. Thanks, Neil
  8. We will be sailing on the Navigator of the Seas out of Galveston. I expect her to participate in the young teens program part of the time, be with us part of the time, and maybe give her a little time to explore the ship on her own or with a friend. She's very capable of checking her own blood sugars and using her insulin pump without assistance, so primarily just want to have the ability for her to check in throughout the day. Thank you to everyone for the links and ideas. Neil
  9. I was curious what other members here do regarding keeping up with their teens on a cruise. I'm planning my first cruise with my 12 and 6 year old daughters. The 12 year old has Type 1 Diabetes, and so while we are fine with her being off and doing her own thing on the ship, we would like to be able to at least communicate via text with her to make sure her blood sugar numbers are good. All excursions would be family events, so not as concerned with off ship. Thanks, Neil
  10. My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I likely would love to take advantage of My Family Time Dining, where my 8 year old will join us in the MDR for the first 40 minutes, then be escorted off to Adventure Ocean. Is this option available on Formal Nights? Does she wear a nice dress and how does that work when she moves to the "playtime" area of Adventure Ocean? Thanks, Neil
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