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Itinerary change....how long until cruise planner updates?

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I am booked on Allure for 6/19 we had an itinerary change on 4/7/22. And as of today 4/27/22 the planner has not been fully updated. I was wondering if there was a normal time frame that this would happen. We have had to cancel 1 excursion and another was supposed to be moved and has not as of yet. The new port (Nassau 😞 ) only has 3 available excursions (all booze cruises) and all are filled already. Has anyone else had this happen to them and what was the outcome? It is really heart breaking to have this happen when we had everything paid for and were really looking forward to a perfect cruise. Any insight that a more seasoned cruiser might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you  

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Yes it took quite awhile before they fixed the cruise planner when our itinerary changed.  You do know you don’t HAVE to book an excursion.  You could look into a third party excursion (doesn’t have to be through Royal) or you could just get off the ship & walk around near the port OR you could just stay on board & enjoy a less crowded ship!

And please don’t set expectations for the “perfect” cruise too high.  Many things can and probably will happen to throw your plans off - like an itinerary change!  It will still be a great time if you go in with that understanding. 😉

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We are on the same cruise and am disappointed in the change to Nassau also, but I won’t let it ruin the whole trip. My cruise planner seems to be up to date now. I’ll need to rearrange some dining reservations though.  I think last Friday they cancelled my Costa Maya excursions and moved my remaining excursions to the correct days so maybe they are doing it in batches. Hopefully you’ll see yours update this week.

I was hoping there would be a Blue Lagoon Stingray excursion in Nassau (offered by RCCL). We’ve been to Nassau several times. If not, maybe we’ll just walk to Junkanoo beach, get a day pass to Margaritaville, or stay on the ship.

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