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Ice Skating Shows

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Just cruised on Harmony last week.  They had the iSkate ice skating show.  You could only sign up for it (via app or at Guest Services) once you were onboard.  Then, no problem, and they offered multiple shows/nights.  Same for all entertainment (Aqua Theater, Royal Theater, Studio B).  No masks required.  Beverages were available and served to your seats at all events in all entertainment venues.

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6 hours ago, Lovetocruisejfc said:

Hi all! Are the ice skating shows still available? They are not listed on the app, but I think the app could still be updating activities but not sure. TIA!


Unless you are on the cruise the scheduling is subject to lots of changes and often times will not have a complete listing of what is going on.  Until the day of sailing I don't even bother to look at the scheduled stuff because a lot of the entertainers will get swapped out at different times so they don't even know for sure exactly what will be happening and exactly when until shortly before sailing.


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We were on Liberty last week.  Ice shows were the only ones requiring a reservation. And the in-app reservation didn't work. Had to call. Then, we had 6 reservations for 2 different shows...    Who knows. The show was good - and I hate ice skating.  We did notice that they didn't use the country the skaters were from, this time...

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