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Shore excursions: St. Kitts and Barbados [opinions]


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We had booked already shore excursions for our upcoming holiday cruise on the Allure of the Seas in December. Unfortunately 2 of our shore excursions got cancelled.  My wife and I (we are in our late 50s) are debating:

  • for St. Kitts between the Caribbean Scenic Railway Tour or the Brimstone Hill and Fairview Great House and
  • for Barbados between Flavors of Barbados & Island Drive and Barbados Highlights

Do you mind sharing your experience if you have done any of those?



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So we have been to both stops when we went out of San Juan. I can tell you in St. Kitts I really enjoyed the railway tour. 

In Barbados we actually just hopped in a cab and had them take us to a local beach and ate at a local restaurant and I think the cab fair might have been 30-40 bucks round trip. The driver actually came back to get us at the time we requested.

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  • MarkusB changed the title to Shore excursions: St. Kitts and Barbados [opinions]

We also very much enjoyed the railway tour. 


Our experience... Folks do their best to be topside on the railcar.  It's quite packed up there.  We remained below, inside the car.  Still had a great view and we were lavished by the wonderful young ladies that are the hosts and tour guides on this train ride.  And by the end of the tour, the folks up on top realized the best place was down below.😀

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21 hours ago, chill6x6 said:

One of the best excursions I've ever been on was Thenford Grey in St Kitts.  Grand Tour of St Kitts is the one.  Excellent excursion and highly recommended!

+1 on the Thenford Grey tour!  I agree about it being one of the best excursions I've been on.  The only issue is that it is NOT a Royal Caribbean sponsored excursion, so as long as they are allowing private excursions on St. Kitts while you are there, then no problem.  Otherwise, you may not have this option.

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