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Local watering holes in Aruba and curaçao?

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1 hour ago, GatorCruiser said:

My wife and I will be on odyssey in early December and will be hitting up Aruba and curaçao as part of the itinerary. We have some excursions planned at both but will also have some time to wander as well. Any suggestions on some good local bars with flavor ?

Its a ways off Baby Beach (San Nicholas), Rum Reef (Bar and Grill).   Friendly locals (we were brought there by a local acquaintance).  Great beach, not too many people, the bar has a pool too.  Just bring your stuff.



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There is a great sports bar on the beach (Highrise area) behind Playa Linda called Carlitos outdoors with lots of tv's and happy hours. 

You can grab a great burger in front of Play Linda at a place called Chicken and Lobster for lunch.  Price is higher than Carlitos but the burger is amazing!

If you take a local bus or taxi  from the port to Eagle Beach (Low Rise Area)  then take the shuttle boat (see the jet ski opertators in front of Paradise Beach Villas on Eagle Beach) you can get dropped off (they just ask for a "tip" for the boat)  at pier in Highrise area at the pier and enjoy Calitos and some shopping if you want.  Then either a taxi or bus back to the port. 

Or you can take the bus right to the Highrise area and skip Eagle Beach but then you would be missing one of the top 5 beaches in the world 🙂 


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