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Royal Up October 23 2022 Symphony of the Seas?


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Traveling on 10/23/22 symphony of the seas sailing with a group that is ANXIOUSLY awaiting the Royal Up bidding, but we haven’t gotten any news or emails. System is still saying wait until 30 days. Anyone else on this sailing receive any news?


Also we’ve been trying to purchase the unlimited meal package, but it will not allow any of our traveling group to add it to cart. Does RC’s website always have so many issues? 


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Unlimited dining is not available on many sailings right now. What I’ve heard is that in order to social distance in the specialty restaurants, they cannot accept the normal amount of people per night. 

I am also on the 10/23 sailing and bought the UDP many months ago. It’s no longer available. 

I would watch closely the week before the cruise in the event people have to cancel their cruise. You may get lucky. I’d go ahead and at least get the 3 night package and if you can’t get the UDP before the cruise, check with any restaurant the first night to see if maybe there were no shows at the pier. 

Begging might work too! 

Can’t help on the RoyalUp. We decided not to do one. Good luck though! 

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