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OMG We almost killed the duck!

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(My apologies to The Night before Christmas)

The lights sparkled and danced as we strolled down deck four, wondering as we went if there might be some more.

With Ma in her flip flops and I in my shades, we stopped off at Boleros to get some drinks made.

When out of the shrubs along the rail should appear, but a bright yellow duck that definitely did not belong here.

With great care of the fowl it was plucked with delight, when something occurred that gave us a fright.

The duck jumped around like it was sitting on springs, and dove over the rail like it just sprouted wings.

To say we were dismayed you would not be wrong, as the path down below was away and quite long.

The duck bounced along and came to a rest, when out of the blue a crewman did what's best.

He snatched the fowl up and gave it a toss, back up to us smartly to remedy our loss.

With a smile and a wave he disappeared from sight, and said to us both you have a good night.

With a sigh of relief and a smile on our face, we quickly placed the duck in another hiding place.

(Actual event on Adventure)


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