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Time for FCC remaining balance to be issued

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For me, it varied with each cancellation. Sometimes it issued pretty quickly and other times it took quite awhile. It gets complicated trying to keep track when I use FCC to book other cruises and then those cruises cancelled also. Had to figure the 125% back on the deposit…then the original FCC credit…and a new certificate issued for that amount. It was also difficult keeping track because each re-issued FCC had different ID numbers. 
As with your case, I made several final payments using a portion of an FCC and waited for the balance to come back as a new FCC with a new ID number. I’m sorry I can’t give a more precise answer but my experience was varied as far as time was concerned. However, on the plus side, every calculation worked out precisely. There were two issues where, in the beginning, small mistakes were made on the amount issued (one was several dollars too much, the other less) and they explained it perfectly when they made the adjustment. I wish I was spreadsheet savvy but I’m a simple pen and paper guy.?

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