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I'm going on Symphony of the seas in March 2022. I looked at the port schedule for CocoCay and it looks like the day I'm visiting (March 18, 2022), both Symphony and Mariner are docking. How crowded would that be with 2 ships, especially the waterpark? I know Royal frequently docks 2 voyager class ships (ex. Navigator and Mariner), but I don't know about an Oasis class + Mariner.

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We were there in Jan of 2020 and two ships were there, Mariner and Grandeur. Granted one ship was smaller but it did not feel crowded at all! My husband and I spent a majority of the time at Oasis Lagoon and we had our own little spot in the pool! There is so much to do on the island that it does not feel like you are on top of one another. 

Happy sailing!

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Agreed with the above statements.... we've been twice to Coco Cay and the layout is so well done that you never feel overly crowded. We haven't gone to the water park, and have heard mixed things about the crowds there, which really leads me to believe that the water park crowds can vary greatly depending on the time year, the ship, the make up of the passengers, etc. 
Such as, if its summer vacation with a ship full of families, prob going to be a little more crowded than in the middle of winter with schools in session. 

But also.... time of day can vary greatly.... I think @Matt did a review or video a while back about that. (I think it was matt anyway). But I remember them saying that it seemed that after lunch, the lines at the water park were non-existent as everyone wants to go ASAP as soon as the ship docks... and then after lunch people start to get tired or start to go back to the ship, etc.  


Also, welcome to the board!

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12 hours ago, twangster said:

Welcome to the message boards.

Royal has had two Oasis class call on CocoCay so an Oasis and Voyager class shouldn't be a huge concern.

Have they done this on more than just charter sailings? I haven't heard of two fully-sold customer cruises Oasis class ships calling on CocoCay at the same time.

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CocoCay was engineered to handle nearly 10,000 guests as built but Coco Beach Club and other areas weren't finished when this was published.


  • “We’ve engineered and designed for peak, and the peak was way up close to 10,000. We’ll now operate it with bigger ships coming to Perfect Day, and we’ll see how it goes,” he said.
  • “We’re kind of feeling pretty optimistic about the potential for three ship calls versus two ship calls that could take us up to 12,000 (guests) a day,” Bayley added.
  • That 12,000 guest per day limit would essentially mean three Oasis-class ships docked simultaneously.

If both an Oasis class and a Voyager class sail at full double occupancy that's less than 90% capacity for CocoCay as she was built. 

Ships rarely sail at absolute full capacity and two ships both at full capacity is even less likely.  Consequently given usage patterns they feel like they could push the island further and that was before it was finished. 

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