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RCL cancels through Dec 31, 2020 (except Quantum).

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  • SpeedNoodles changed the title to RCL cancels through Dec 31, 2020 (except Quantum).

I can now erase the Oasis of the Seas cruise from my signature😢 I booked this back in December, 2018 at Next Cruise on Enchantment of the Seas. Got a great price for a promenade view room, & it even went down a few times. It would have been our first Oasis class cruise. We were even lucky enough to score the $18.00 DBP. While I'm happy cruising has gotten the green light to to begin the next phase of returning of course I'm disappointed (who isn't) that we ran out of time and now the December cruises are cancelled (but this time for a different, better reason). It's a small comfort, but with the 125% FCC I'll now have more then enough to pay the balances on my next 2 booked Royal Caribbean cruises in 2021 & 2022. I'll also have allot of onboard credit on my next cruise from the 125% cruise planner credit from this one.

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Welp there goes my 12/17/20 cruise on Brilliance out of Tampa.   I just went ahead and requested a full refund,   not a huge fan of the restrictions put on lift & shift as I would have rather kicked the can down the road a few months not an entire year.   Figure since we already have our airfare to Tampa we might just make a little winter beach trip and visit some friends down there.    

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