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Caribbean zip lines?

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Ever the optimists, we have booked two sailings to the Caribbean in 2021/22.

We want to ride a zip line (or two); however the question is which experience(s) to choose.

Dragon's Breath at Labadee looks awesome and has already made the list, but we also have further options at

  • Twilight Canopy, San Juan
  • Pelican, St Maarten
  • Canopy Tour, Antigua
  • Hotwire Pitons, St Lucia
  • Sky Safari, St Kitts
  • Countryside Adventure, Dominican Rep.

Does anyone feel that any of the above are worthy of a special mention (good or not so good)?

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4 hours ago, KWong said:

I haven't been on any of these, but I would factor in the distance to/from the cruise ship on any of these.

Labadee has always looked like fun, but I think traversing amongst the trees and doing multiple zips probably brings more adventure to the excursion.

Good advice, thanks.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I'd like to toss in Rainforest Adventures in the Castries Waterworks Preserve for St. Lucia. I ended up choosing it over the Pitons zip you listed because it includes an aerial tram through the jungle to get to the ziplines from the base station. It was amazing, I loved being in the rainforest! Seeing the Pitons may be the deciding factor though, now I just have to go back again to see them 😁  




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