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On some ships Izumi is free because its part of the Wind Jammer.  On others it is its own space. If I can remember we ate lunch on Oasis and dinner on the Freedom in Izumi and it was ala carte so I'm sure Allure is the same, BUT it has been a few years and the memory is winding down..  We ate at Sabor on Freedom last November, don't remember the cost but pretty sure it wasn't ala carte. And if you want to get your feet off the ground, try a tequila flight.  It was pretty good...

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On Oasis class ships both Sabor and Izumi are a la carte. On some ships Sabor is a flat fee - this is why some are known as Sabor Modern Mexican and others are known as Sabor Taqueria


Allure Izumi Review:


Allure Sabor Review:



In either of these restaurants pretty much everything carries a cost (sans a glass of water).  While I very much enjoyed both experiences, Sabor was a bargain in my opinion.  Three decent sized tuna tacos and an order of handmade guac was $9.  The guac can easily be split several ways.

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Izumi has an a la carte charge to eat there (what you order is what you pay for).


Sabor has a cover charge, with all food included on non-Oasis class ships.  On Oasis class ships, it is a la carte.



On some ships Izumi is free because its part of the Wind Jammer.

On ships without Izumi (like Freedom class ships), the Windjammer offers a Jade section, where sushi is complimentary in the evening.

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