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A moral obligation’: radical reform urged before cruise ships allowed to return to Australia

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8 hours ago, J-Fitz said:

I’m down with reform that would bring less pollution, better working rights, and fair hours to the employees. These aren’t crazy things to say. People have been saying this type of stuff about the cruise industry for decades. 

I completely agree with what you are saying! but shouldn't we look at the whole picture? 

Is there any difference between someone from India or Philippines  working on a cruiseship or on land rig in some Middle East  or Asian country? Yes there is!!!

Those on working on cruiseship will be far better paid than those on land rigs, maybe 3 times as much per month not including any tips they get, However it would be interesting to know if say US, UK, German or Italian bar staff earn the same as say Filipino, Indian or Pakistani...If you are doing the same job then wages should be the same

living conditions are a lot better on cruiseships, i have been in areas where people working on land rigs live and they look like parts of Syria after it was bombed!

 food far superior, may not be same as guests get but it's still better than what they cook themselves on land ( wages on land rigs determine what they spend on food ) 

Also lets not forget about closer to home and waitress staff in the US! Shouldn't they have a good hourly wage so they don't have to rely on the tips? 

Simple fact is it's not just the cruise industry that underpays it's employee's, it's right across the globe on a wide scale, will these same Australian Unions fight for better wages and Living conditions for those from so called 3rd world countries employed by Australian Oil companies? i very much doubt it !!!!!


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The point that is conveniently missed by this article is that the crew members are on the ships by choice.

They choose to take these jobs because the pay and conditions are significantly better that what they could get at home, plus they get to travel and see parts of the world they would otherwise never see.

Many of the crew have been there for years. If they were being exploited as badly as the article makes out, they would not return after their first contract.

I have worked on cruise ships, and generally, the crew are very happy. It's certainly not a job that suits everyone, and you definitely work long hours, but I'm very glad I did it.

The story originates from Australian worker's unions. Their interest is purely to look after their own members. If they can keep cruise ships away for a bit longer, Australians are more likely to travel within Australia, thus creating and securing jobs for Australian workers. They don't actually care about anyone else except themselves and their members. Anything they say about cruise ships is simply to try and keep them out of Australia a bit longer, or to discourage Australians from cruising.

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