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Crew members stranded

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It's NOT just Royal who cannot get crew home it's every cruiseline!!

Look at Allure being refused entry into Spain, Countries across the world do not want to take people in ( not just crusieship crew ) because they are scared!

It's easy to say charter a flight and fly them home but how can you do this when the country they are flying to is closed for flights, the Philippines stopped all flights a week or so ago so Filipino crew are stuck on ships until either Aircraft are allowed to fly or other ways are found to get them home, this may involve transferring crew onto 1 ship then sailing that half way around the world.

The Media are making it out these crew are being held hostage and companies are not interested in their welfare but fact is companies will  not only want these people home so they can get them off the wage bill but more importantly to stop these bad press coverage. 


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2 hours ago, MichelleB1234 said:

Why does Royal keep delaying the repatriation efforts?

It is NOT RC. The CDC was/is making it very hard to let the crew go home. Plus airplane are running at less then 10% international flights and many countries are banning people coming in

You have to remember, RC is looking to low cost and send the Crew home is a big way to do it. 

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