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Royal Caribbean Suspends all US Operations

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13 minutes ago, elizbit said:

Any thoughts on whether crown and anchor points will still be awarded for cancelled cruises? 

No, I really have no idea if you will get any C&A points or not.  I can tell you that for our shortened Feb Anthem cruise, we received all of the original 8 cruise points rather than the 5 points, which was the number of nights we actually cruised.  But we actually sailed, where you will not.  Truthfully, I’m thinking that you will not get any points for a cruise that never happened.

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3 hours ago, Rene Desmarais said:

Well crossing my fingers for my Sailing on Oasis May 3rd will be a go

Rene, every time I see your name I take extra note as I am on this same sailing! I just booked a 4-night on Oasis for November today (refundable) just in case we get the boot too. Now I've beat those 5,000+ people to the next available 4 night Oasis! 

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On 3/13/2020 at 4:25 PM, Ampurp85 said:

I am more worried about how much higher fares will be after this pandemic. I was planning to update my balconies to suites for the double C&A points. The difference between the two staterooms is already more than $1000. I have 2 cruises scheduled for Oct/Nov and I am now worried that the ban may still be in affect and my 80 y/o grandmother may not be able to go.

I think the industry will be focused on recapturing guests who may choose other forms of vacationing after this nightmare is over. Supply and demand will keep cruise fares at a reasonable level.

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Just wanted to share that I saw from a royal Caribbean crew member on Instagram (@cassaragon) that any crew disembarking early because of the cancellations will still receive 1 months pay. This makes such a difference for crew who are supporting families at home.

Royal is really taking care of everyone as best they can and I'm so happy to see it!

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