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My Time Dining with a party of 14


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We have a group of 14 who wish to dine together each night. I have read that you can only get a table for 10 with my time dining. We assume we could do 2 tables of 7 or tables of 8 and 6. We would like the tables to be next to each other. Does anyone have any experience with this? How do we go about making our reservations online?

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It's true that they advertise that they will only seat 10 to a table but on most ships, at least, there are usually just a few tables that will accommodate more than 10. 


The trick is to prearrange as much as you can.  Make sure that they are expecting you and know how many you will have in your party.  Be on time.  If you are truly going to do this every night of the cruise it will make things much easier. 


Being VERY familiar with cruising groups, I have found it almost impossible that everyone will commit to doing this every night.  It's worse than trying to herd cats.  After years of being the one "in charge" of a group cruise, I have finally given up trying to do this and just let everyone make their own arrangements.  Now, understand that these are always large groups of adults only...so we don't have a generational and/or family thing that might tend to coalesce certain groups together.


Anyway, they will try and accommodate you if they can but taking them by surprise with such a request will cost you time.

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If your bookings are linked for dining - then you should not have too much issues with this
They should seat you next to one another in the dining room - You can call and request

to link them all - then just confirm once on the ship you have similar table numbers

and if not the Maitre-D on Day 1 can get involved.

Enjoy -cruising with small groups like this are super fun

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