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Cruising with a Toddler


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  • Make sure your stroller fits through your stateroom door with your sleeping child in it. My phil and ted's E3 sport DID NOT (it was BIG). This was not a good thing.... that was an inside cabin on Explorer. The suite doors are a bit wider. The halls are narrow too... So if you are stroller people, bring a narrow one, and use it for boarding and maybe for naps. y 
  • If it's too chilly to walk her to sleep outside in the stroller, go to a suite deck to walk the halls, they are wider. 
  • Cococay will be the easiest, it is a beach and/or pool day. Bring a small bucket and shovel, even if you just use it to rinse YOUR feet off. 
  • I do not have a recommendation for Nassau for toddlers. 
  • Port Canaveral, ... find something you want to do and take her! 
  • Embrace naps...
  • Anthem has a toddler pool area, it is very shallow.
  • If you are not in a suite, bring a small blow up pool for baths in the bottom of your shower, or to use on your balcony.
  • Toddler food is easy to come by, and the room fridges are empty so you have plenty of room to stash drinks and snacks.

My boys are now very big (12 and 15), I never got to use a nursery on-board, they just were not on the ships we sailed when they were small. If you have a specific date night or afternoon that you want some time to yourself, go to the nursery boarding day to register your daughter, and request the babysitting times you want.

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