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Will RC photographers also take pictures with our camera?


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Typically no and they don't let people use their backdrops for non-RC pictures.  If they close a staircase it's typically for their use only. 

Often you'll see another staircase trying to be used by people to take their own pictures but they have to contend with regular guest foot traffic using the same staircase.   

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Or ask another passenger. I have been asked to take pictures of folks tons of times with their cameras and I always oblige. Look for friendly faces in the crowd. Everyone is there for the same reason: to rest, relax and create and capture those wonderful vacation images and most friendly people are happy to help you out.

I would venture a guess and say that the RC official photogs are not allowed to take a picture with your camera. The pictures they take are for profit only for the cruise line so asking them probably puts them in the awkward position of maybe wanting to do it for you but really can't and now they have to explain that in a nice way.


Have a great trip!!!

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