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Booking future cruises on board

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From my experience, yes. When you book onboard using NextCruise, you have choice of an additional discount or an onboard credit. The amount of that discount is based on length of the cruise you are booking and the room category. I believe you also enjoy a reduced deposit in some cases. The price before the additional discount is aligned with the current  promotions. I always choose the onboard credit since it persists even if you reprice later. You also have the option to transfer the booking to your travel agent. Finally, a recent update to the program gives you the flexibility to change your reservation without penalty for a period of time after booking (30 or 60 days ..cant recall which)

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2 hours ago, MindiLou said:

 Does it really save you any money booking on board for future cruises ?

I concur with @Ogilthorpe that there are some benefits to booking on board, as explained.  However, whether you really get a good price depends upon the cruise you select.  In many cases the price is the same as you would book off the ship, but you have the benefit of a smaller deposit and/or OBC.   We once booked a cruise on the ship which wasn't discounted, but it was larger than normal. 

For me, the takeaway is that I won't book a cruise on the ship unless I know in advance it's one I've wanted to book, AND the price is fair. 

Whatever you choose, have a great cruise.

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