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Any ships with a cigar lounge?

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If I remember correctly they sell cigars in the package store.  Depends on where your going but he might wait and get some cuban cigars.  You will be able to bring them on board and take back to the U.S.  Be careful there are places that sell fake Cuban cigars.  Some on here know the places to get legit cigars.   There was a cigar lounge on the Freedom of the Seas years ago but I dont think they have them anymore.  Cigar smokers on here will be able to tell you where you can smoke them on the ships.

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13 hours ago, Tennille said:

We are trying to plan a family cruise, and my husband is wondering if any ships have a cigar lounge?  Or a shop on the ship selling cigars?

Thanks so much!

I asked this a while back, and the overall response I got was "if your ship has a Connoisseur  Club" you can get, and smoke cigars. I believe Freedom and Explorer are the only ships that still have them? Someone can correct me if im wrong. OTHERWISE: the casino is the only spot to enjoy a cigar. 

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1 hour ago, SteveinSC said:

believe Freedom and Explorer are the only ships that still have them?

Freedom's is getting removed during her AMPlification and being replaced by a library/card room.

Liberty has one..but may lose it when she gets AMPed.  

Explorer has one but it will become the Diamond Lounge when she gets AMPed.

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At night outside on the pool deck there will be a lot of people smoking cigars.  Usually close to the pool bar.  This seems to be the new Connoisseur Club.  Also, I believe all the ships sell cigars in the store on the promenade that sells liquor.

I was last on Freedom when they still had a Connoisseur Club.  It was very nice and I had a couple of cigars in there during the week, but there was never more than a few people in there.  All they had on was a tv, the atmosphere wasn't great.  At night on the pool deck there will be music playing and it is more of a party atmosphere.  I actually prefer it to the old Connoisseur Club.      

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