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Lazy Lizard at St Maarten

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We will be cruising to St Maarten in a couple weeks and I had a friend who just went there give me advice on this.  She said to not book any excursions for this port.  Instead when you get to the beach you will be approached by many people trying to "sell" you beach chairs.  She stated the further down the beach you go, the cheaper this gets.  She said she got a deal mid-beach for 2 beach chairs, a bucket of beer, 2 drinks, and access to the restaurants restrooms for $20 total.  

This is what we will be doing 🙂

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On 8/2/2019 at 7:18 PM, Fairlynew said:

Perhaps we should arrange a meet.  I am traveling with a good friend while hubby enjoys a bucket list golf trip  

You can't miss me!  I'm a middle aged chubby woman with purple in my hair 🙂   Traveling with the hubby and our son (his gf) who just graduated high school.  5 days to go!!!!!!

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23 hours ago, Meloncollie01 said:

We'll be on the Harmony 8/11 as well. Thanks for the heads up about the beach chairs in Saint Maarten. If you see anyone wearing any Iowa State gear there is a good chance it will be someone in our group (4 person group, all cyclone fans). I am soooo ready for this week to be done so it is time to cruise!

I'll look for some Cyclones gear 🙂 

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