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  1. Have you already purchased your plane tickets? If not fly into one of the two cities of your choice, spend the night then take the train to Rome from there. Saves you time with a train ride only one way!
  2. I'll look for some Cyclones gear ?
  3. You can't miss me! I'm a middle aged chubby woman with purple in my hair ? Traveling with the hubby and our son (his gf) who just graduated high school. 5 days to go!!!!!!
  4. If so I'll be asking everyone if they are Fairlynew LOL
  5. Thank YOU for the name. I will look out for that location now !!
  6. We will be cruising to St Maarten in a couple weeks and I had a friend who just went there give me advice on this. She said to not book any excursions for this port. Instead when you get to the beach you will be approached by many people trying to "sell" you beach chairs. She stated the further down the beach you go, the cheaper this gets. She said she got a deal mid-beach for 2 beach chairs, a bucket of beer, 2 drinks, and access to the restaurants restrooms for $20 total. This is what we will be doing ?
  7. https://www.cruzely.com/15-convenient-port-everglades-fort-lauderdale-park-cruise-hotels/ Hope this helps a bit!
  8. We sail in less than two weeks on HoS. I have read conflicting things about bringing beverages on board. Some places say yes, some say no. I am hoping to bring on 12-16.9oz bottles of water and two bottles of champagne. #1 Can I bring all this? #2 If I can bring- do I have to bring it in a carry-on or can I check the bag with this in it? #3 If I have to bring in a carry-on, can I put all that in one piece of luggage? Thanks in advance. We have sailed before, but never brought our own beverages.
  9. We sail out of Port Canaveral in 12 days and I have rented a SUV from the airport and will return it to the Enterprise right next to the port. We are staying overnight at Radisson Resort at the Port in Port Canaveral and will be needing a vehicle that day before we board the ship (a larger size SUV is running us apx $100). Otherwise I would have gone with www.goport.com. They say they only charge $14.99 pp one-way or $29.98 pp round-trip to/from Port & Airport.
  10. I'm not sure if RC still has it, but in 2016 we did a Rum Tour. It took us to Bluebeard's Tower and a pirate museum. We got to sample more flavors of rum than I could even count then ended up at a fun bar by the tower and amber waterfalls. It was a very fun day!!
  11. This is what I told him. He just wanted a bigger screen for two people to watch.
  12. I also sail next month on HoS. I had a friend who just went to St Maarten tell me not to bother with an excursion and just enjoy the beach. It is easy walking distance and she said they walked down to the middle of the beach strip and were able to rent two chairs, get a bucket of beer, two drinks, and use of the restaurant's bathroom facilities for $20. This is what we plan on doing. *She said to not rent the chairs they offer as you first arrive at the beach, these will cost you more. The further down you go the less expensive it gets.
  13. My young adult son was wondering if he could bring his small Roku device and use it on his stateroom TV. He has the Voom & Stream package so he'd be able to connect to WiFi. I just don't know if RC will allow this and if they do allow, can he set up on his TV? I told him to just enjoy the cruise without watching the television, but he wants to watch his shows while relaxing before bed. Has anybody done this before? We will be on the Harmony of the Seas.
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