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First Time Star Class!!!

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Congratulations on your first Star Class.  If you're like us, it will not be your last ! One of the MANY things about SC that is so wonderful is that you can have any kind of event in your suite,

Well...... It’s Finally Here..... It’s cruise day!  The plan is to be at the port by 11-11:15am.  Hopefully that works out. Couple things to do before then,  but it’s almost time for the adventure to

I'm so not totally jealous of @SuperNinja at all. Totally fine not being there.

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21 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Oh, you have PLENTY of time.  Genies can make things happen very easily and very quickly.

I expect, that, given the short turnaround in your situation, they will just skip the pre-cruise questionnaire.  It is a big waste of time IMO anyway.  The only thing that the Genie needs to know prior to your arrival is (1) what time you are planning on arriving, (2) what do you want to eat for lunch on boarding day and (3) what would you like for your arrival snacks.  Everything else can be finalized/organized once you get on board.


I actually got the pre-cruise questionaire yesterday.  So hopefully will be contacted soon.   Thanks again.

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