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  1. What is an appropriate tip for your genie on a seven day cruise?
  2. What is an appropriate tip for your genie on a seven day cruise?
  3. I actually got the pre-cruise questionaire yesterday. So hopefully will be contacted soon. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you. Good to hear that there is still time to set things up.
  5. Thank you for the quick response! Thank you for the email address. Very helpful. We have been on Disney Cruise Line for many years now and have stayed in the Walt Disney Suite and the Roy Disney Suite so looking forward to seeing how this compares. Haven't been on an RC ship in over 15 years so looking forward to it.
  6. Thank you for the quick answers! I am sailing Jan. 5th and booked the cruise last week. So I am within the 4 weeks but haven't gotten any email from Genie. Is there a phone number I can call or an email I can call to get in touch with the Genie? Also, I just read about Coastal Kitchen and it says reservations are recommended but I don't see it as a choice online under dining to make the reservation. Is there a special toll free number or somewhere else online that I can make the reservation for Coastal Kitchen? Thanks again!
  7. Taking Harmony of Seas in few weeks and have a Star Class room. Questions: how do we get in touch with Royal Genie. Is there a toll free number prior to cruise. Or do they call you or email you prior to the cruise? I am interested in getting good seats at the shows and it says that is provided, how does that work? It says "complimentary specialty dinner" Does that mean that I can book a specialty restaurant for the two of us all 7 nights and not pay the $100 or $50 each for all 7 nights or is it complimentary only one night? What is Coastal Kitchen dinner? Is that an exclusive res
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