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11 minutes ago, Brittni Belgard said:

How large of groups can you fit at one table in the main dining-room?

Last July on Harmony we had around 15. We used MTD and as soon as 2 of us got on the ship we went directly to the dining area to set it up. Same time every night. Can't answer the cake question.

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4 hours ago, ellcee said:


We ordered a cake once through the Cruise Planner.  The price has probably gone up.  The issue we had was that it wasn't presented on the correct night in MDR  -- it was presented early.  We ended up taking it back to the stateroom and eating it over several days, but there were only three of us.


4 hours ago, Brittni Belgard said:

My husband and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2021 and are planning a large group cruise to celebrate.  How large of groups can you fit at one table in the main dining-room?  Also has anyone had a small cake made how much did it cost?  



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On Harmony, we were in a group of 7 but saw 2 groups that had 15-20 people.  We all sat at the same tables each night.  

Here are the cakes provided on the cruise planner or you could purchase them at guest services.  https://www.royalcaribbean.com/royalgifts/treats/cakes  We bought it one night for my son's birthday and I checked with our waiter prior to dinner that night that they had the cake ready.  The wait staff stored the cake because we couldn't finish it and brought it out the next night.  You can always provide the decorations and ask your head waiter the first night for what you'd like.  They may or may not be able to do it.  Of course, if they can do it a nice tip would be appreciated.  

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I ordered a cake via the cruise planner for my husband's birthday one year.  We received a happy "anniversary" cake instead of "birthday."  It was brought to our stateroom along with a birthday card & balloon.  We thought it funny that the crew member delivering the cake didn't realize that the balloon said birthday and the cake did not.  We didn't say anything, just laughed it off.

We were traveling with friends, so found a spot on deck, grabbed plates & utensils from the WJ, and ate it.  

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