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Would Wonderland be worth it for us?


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My fiancé and I are taking two cruises (one on Navigator and one on Symphony) in September 2020 for our honeymoon. We are normally pretty frugal travelers when it comes to food, as we prefer to spend money on experiences. This will be my third RC Cruise and his first. I’ve never been to a specialty restaurant, aside from Johnny Rockets, but was very intrigued by wonderland when I went on Harmony with my family a few years ago. We’re pondering trying one special night there, but wondering if it will be worth it. 

We’re open to trying new things, but I wouldn’t say we’re super brave when it comes to food. I’m also a vegetarian (eggs and dairy only). With this in mind, do you think that would be a good place for us to try or pass since we’re on the fence? 

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1 hour ago, KD412 said:

My fiancé and I are taking two cruises (one on Navigator and one on Symphony) in September 2020 for our honeymoon

We were in Wonderland on Symphony in May. While it was a unique experience, it's not something we would do again. I would HIGHLY suggest, especially if you plan on just one specialty restaurant, that you go to 150 Central Park. The ambiance, food and service rivals any restaurant, land or sea. 

If your fiance is not also vegetarian, he'll have a much bigger selection. And if, by some chance, you eat fish they have halibut. You can certainly stop in there to ask about off menu vegetarian options and if not happy with the choices you can then just cancel your reservation. Also, you can get as many appetizers and desserts as your heart desires.

Oh, btw, that garden martini you see on the menu is GREAT!

CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding and happy sailing!

Here is the menu for 150 Central Park from May on Symphony. The menu for Wonderland is posted on my live blog on page 4, but is kind of illegible. I reviewed both restaurants on that blog.



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We did Wonderland on Symphony and while it was the best dessert I've ever eaten, I'm not sure I'd do it again.  Nothing was bad, but nothing was amazing either (except dessert that was amazing).  While my sailing could have been different, there were a ton of kids in the restaurant which didn't exactly make for a nice romantic dinner.  I wasn't really impressed with the service.  They made me feel like Wonderland was doing me a favor by allowing me to eat there.

I agree with @Skid and would suggest 150 CP.  A much better all around experience.  

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Thank you all! That’s what I wondering. It just seems like such a unique place that it piqued my interest. I’ve heard great things about 150 CP, so I think we’ll just wait and see how things work out with excursions and such first. I really enjoy the main dining room and getting to know our wait staff, so we might just do that every night, but I think 150 will be our plan b :).

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