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Boarding order, one of us is Gold the other isn’t


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My fiancé and I are very excited about our honeymoon, two RC cruises with a day between in Sept. 2020. I was listening to the RC blog podcast on embarkation day and it brought up a question. This will be my third cruise, so I’m a gold member. It will be his first, so obviously no status yet. I understand they board by Crown and Anchor status. Would we be able to go in the gold line because of my status, or will we need to go in the general line to board together? 


Additionally, how fast do points post? He would technically be gold by our second cruise, which leaves the day after the first one returns. Would his sea pass already be updated? Thanks in advance!! 

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 My son's girlfriend went on her first cruise with us, and we all passed through the Diamond line as a group.  I think they were more concerned with moving everyone through the process than sending her to a different line.  This was Port Canaveral - not sure where you are sailing from.  It's possible someone else would be pickier. 

After a cruise, it can take a couple of weeks for CAS records to update, based on my experience.  Maybe on your first cruise you can talk to Loyalty Ambassador about the 2nd cruise situation.

Standby for more comments from others....

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Phone or by email crownandanchor@rccl.com

Technically both home addresses on each account should match and it's geared for family members, not necessarily boyfriend/girlfriend.  To be open to all lifestyles Royal doesn't require proof like a marriage license, it's pretty much couples in the same household (address).

In your case I'd pick a common address first.

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Actually, since you both will be married, visit the C & A Loyalty Desk on the ship during the second cruise, they can make the update for him at that time.  My wife and I went through the same thing with her first cruise back in '16.  We visited the loyalty desk during her second one and they moved her up to my point level.

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