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purchasing items online in cruise planner....

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We made our reservations last night, and started looking at the cruise planner, deciding what things we would like to purchase for the cruise.  I was looking at the Voom basic (no streaming) package for 1 device yesterday and it said 11.99...but today it says 14.99.   Why did the price go up overnight??  Do these packages and things go on and off of 'sales'...should i just watch them for a while and buy when they are 'on sale' ??  I am confused...

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You will see prices all over the place.  Buy it when you see a price you are happy with then if there is a sale with lower prices you can cancel and re-book.  The only exception may be Coco Cay cabanas.  They seem to be selling out so if you purchase one check online and make sure they are still available before you cancel and try to repurchase.

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