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Cococay - Any Restrictions On Where You Can Snorkel

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We rented one of the beds on the South Beach side back in February, and snorkeled out over that shallow area and saw lots. I can't compare it to the other area as we didn't go over there, but we encountered several sting rays, a small shark, more fish than we could count and some random junk. It worked out quite well, not being that deep, I thought. 

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All I can tell you is that there is a new safety feature at the cove that I use for snorkeling.  There is now a floating rope that extends from one of the rock walls to the life guard's floating platform.  So you wouldn't want to go beyond the rope on your own (leave that for kayakers).  I found numerous fish and many types of coral near the man-made reefs about 20 yards from the beach (adjacent to the floating mat stand).

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On 6/3/2019 at 7:54 PM, fgarvin said:

 We've rented a cabana on South Beach for our 2021 cruise and I'm wondering if I can snorkel off of that beach as well.

South Beach is where the Lemon Sharks hang out.  It's shallow and sandy, not great snorkeling.  The interesting reefs and marine life is where the snorkel area is.

These pictures are from the area near South Breach.  Barely deep enough to snorkel, it's knee deep in areas.




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17 minutes ago, EaVae said:

So i have to ask.. as there was an attack near great Bahama island, and I've been watching a lot of shark week... Has anyone ever seen a largish shark around Cococay? i heard bull and tiger sharks like the Bahamas. 

Hammerheads too.  When I dove at CocoCay some of the water sports guys also dive and they were telling me on the North side of the island is where they tend to see bigger sharks.  The North side is not developed and there is no guest access to that end of the island.

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