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Non-dairy coffee options

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Sneaking in under my hubby's name ? (he let me). Does anyone know what the non-dairy options are for coffee cream at Cafe Promenade or Starbucks on both Mariner and Navigator?  I think there might be something like an almond milk, which is not the same as almond creamer. Can anyone shed any light on this? I love to enjoy a cup of coffee on vacation. I'll bring my own if I have to ?

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40 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

If you're only lactosel intolerant and don't have a true milk allergy, the ships have also been making lactose-free milk available on request. I saw it on Anthem last October, and others have seen it on other ships. I think @Lovetocruise2002 saw it when she was on Mariner recently, but will let her confirm.

I saw it on @ellcee's blog first that they had that as an option.  However, I personally have not had that much luck myself with finding that.  I cannot recall if I saw it on Mariner but I can tell you that on Indy (in December) and Harmony (this past March), they only had Soy options.  I specifically asked for lactose free and they could not do it.  I think YMMV on this one.

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