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Booking the Escape Room on Harmony of the Seas?


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Does anyone have an idea about booking the Escape Room on Harmony of the Seas.  I'm on an upcoming sailing (5/26/19).  I'm still about 70+ days out, yet.

I've looked everywhere in the cruise planner.  I see that I can book all of the entertainment options, but nothing on the Escape room.  Voom, the Key (it just reappeared!), flowrider stuff is all there and available...

I've also looked all over the RC app, and have not figured out any way to book it there, either.  Actually, the RC app doesn't even have any of my entertainment reservations in it yet.  It does have one shore RC excursion, but is missing all of my CocoCay stuff (Thrill waterpark / zipline).

Anyone have any ideas booking this pre-cruise?  Or will I have to wait until onboard???

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I kept looking every day and once it showed up, I booked it.  I think it was about three months before our sail date.  I went back a few days later and it was completely booked (on-line). Keep looking or else call to see if it is booked.  It was actually this blog that told me it books very quickly.

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To bring this one to conclusion, the Escape Room became available to book in the Cruise Planner at the 31 days out time frame!  I now have it booked for our group for our Harmony sailing on 5/26/19!

Interesting that all of the other entertainment and activities were available in the Cruise Planner at 109 days out...

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