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  1. I kept looking every day and once it showed up, I booked it. I think it was about three months before our sail date. I went back a few days later and it was completely booked (on-line). Keep looking or else call to see if it is booked. It was actually this blog that told me it books very quickly.
  2. Does HOTS have room phones that can be used to call other rooms?
  3. This was great! We are going on HOTS next week. Thanks for the idea to watch.
  4. Ha! I just saw the title didn’t have my topic. That’s my newbie fault....
  5. I’ve researched the port but can’t see anything on luggage drop off. I did find the terminal information. Thanks!
  6. Parking at Port Everglades How does that work? Is it possible to unload large luggage before parking the car? How do we know what terminal to park by? HOTS on March 17. I have been reading these forums for months and haven’t joined because I know I won’t be cruising again for awhile and I already feel I know some of you (at least your personality). So many questions have been answered and so many helpful hints have been suggested that I am now the cruise expert of our group. I have saved money myself, and am passing on hints to my favourite family members.... I couldn’t f
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