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Could this be a play for Cuba. A smaller ship might work well there. It could also be an attempt to expand brand reach by placing a ship at a home port that can't support a larger ship; this is one of the reasons why a lot of the older Carnival ships are still in their fleet. The only other explanation might be to offer niche cruises to smaller ports.

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I know there is at least one company that does cruises around Cuba and Jamaica. Smaller ships, about this size. I don't know about age.


It can be booked through a Canadian Travel agency. Looks like it only stops in Havana for now.


I am sure though RCI is looking to get into this area and compete if others have already entered the competition.


I just don't know how much it would cost them to upgrade this ship to be comparable with their other ships in the fleet?

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Any idea why Empress, and not  one of  their other smaller previous ships?


This one would seem to be one of the oldest and smallest of the ones they took out of the RCI fleet and put under their Pullmantur brand..


Looking at some pics of it though on the Pullmantur, it looks like its in great shape and some things actually look newer/modern than what I have seen on Enchantment or pics of Majesty.


Any thoughts?

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Seems like everyone thinks it's for Cuba

I guess that would put me on Island  :D  Congress will have to repeal the embargo, which is gaining some momentum but still has a long way to go in convincing some current Senators and Congressmen. It seems everyone is assuming she is coming to the U.S. Im not convinced she is with there recent deployments.  

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