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Jewel of the Seas, Ocean View rooms


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Hi All

The Jewel is one ship I have not been on and I am curious on a few things

--Have you sailed in an Ocean View Room

--Deck 4, would you choose this deck or would it be too busy with people on it?

--Do Deck 4, Cat H's have obstructions?

I have seen some photos of rooms but looking for first hand experience, thanks

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I can't think of any cabins on deck 4 that would have any obstructions.  The only deck I'd really recommend avoiding is Deck 2 as the ocean views their are porthole cabins.  In addition, only part of the deck is passenger cabins with exposed water tight doors down the entire length of the passage.  In addition, they use the "lobby" area of deck 2 for the luggage carts, general storage, etc., so it doesn't feel much like a passenger deck very often.


Just keep in mind the location of your Deck 4 cabin.  If you're close to the Centrum you will be inconvenience by the noise of the Centrum and the crowds there.  However, in terms of the corridors themselves, they're quite.  I walked a lot onboard both the Jewel and Brilliance and never noticed any crowds or such.


Sorry I don't have any photos as I only stayed ocean view and balcony on this class.

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