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Less than 30 days....now what?


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It depends upon what kind of stateroom you have and whether or not you booked with a travel agent or if you paid extra for cruise documents to come to you in the mail.


If you are not in a Grand Suite or higher and you booked your cruise directly with RCI, then you will not receive anything in the mail. All of your cruise docs will be generated through the online check in process.


If you ARE in a GS or higher OR your TA offers paper cruise docs OR you paid extra for the cruise docs then you will receive a package in the mail that contains a cruise brochure and your luggage tags.

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Yes They are required so that the porters know what room to deliver your luggage to. You need to make a my cruise account online at royalcaribbean.com and then you print them from the website. Your TA should be able to walk you through it or should be able to print them for you.

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Depending upon what perks the TA provided you, they MAY send you the entire cruise docs package in the mail. I think most TAs do that. If you get the cruise docs in the mail then you will get the nice, preprinted, self-adhesive luggage tags. I am still annoyed that RCI quit giving those to everyone.


You should ask your TA when to expect your cruise docs and luggage tags in the mail. That's a good way of both asking and demanding at the same time !

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