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Found 15 results

  1. We are coming up in for a couple of days at Disney World before heading out on our cruise. Does anyone have any suggestions for car service / limo companies that would be an option to get us from Disney World to Port Canaveral? For personal reasons, we won’t use Uber/Lyft for this long of a ride, so we are looking for other options. Thanks in advance.
  2. I didn't see a roll call for this cruise. Admins, please delete if it's a duplicate. My wife and I are excited to take this as our second cruise! It's hard to be patient when it's still so far away!
  3. Excited to celebrate our 15th anniversary & our oldest boy’s 6th birthday with our family of 4. Andrew (36), Ambere (35), AJ (6), and Alex (2). This will be Ambere & my second cruise and the first one with our boys. Our first one was a 4 day Bahamas on our honeymoon aboard Sovereign Of The Seas (RIP) in 2008. Excited to go back to Nassau & CocoCay & see Bermuda for the first time!
  4. This one is on the books 18th birthday / High school graduation celebration. Now the long wait begins..... Only 33 seven (7) nighters in suites until we hit Pinnacle. LOL!!!!
  5. So, can anyone explain the drop off of luggage at the Star Class banner at Port Canaveral and parking your own car? It’s our first Star Class experience, so we have researched everywhere to find out how the process of dropping of luggage and parking you own car works at PC Should some of the party stay with the luggage while the driver leaves to park? I’m probably way overthinking how this process works (can’t help it - I’m a planner), but it was a bone of contention last night (OK - stupidly arguing) over what happens - drop off luggage, park car, go through security, etc. Any enlightenment will be greatly appreciated and maybe get me out of the doghouse TIA
  6. Hi All! I was recently on the Shipmates app and noticed someone had posted a 70's Party photo on the IOTS (Independence of the Seas) . We will be sailing on her in May. Can anyone verify if the parties/parades are back? We've sailed on RC since the restart but w/o sail away parties and super low capacity, etc. Would love to experience this if so! Thanks!
  7. Had to drop by to see her today. YouTuber hard at work... Dozens of crew waving to us from their balconies. Blogger still hard at work.
  8. Yesterday I was out drinking some fab Charleston craft beer, when I met up with 2 ladies who work with Norwegian. After the "I'm loyal to Royal" and then the frowns, I told them that I was totally happy with Royal and have no desire to cruise any other line (of course, we all agreed on Carnival). They told me that I was missing out and that NCL was a great line and much cheaper than RC. When I mentioned that my next cruise was in 19 weeks, aka 01 Aug, they both agreed that "that sailing will never happen". They both suggested I re-book, regardless which line I re-up for. I said "why don't y'all just let me go grab a big stick and y'all can beat me to death?". I really need this cruise. One of them said that she would even offer me her "friends and family" discount on NCL, so I went over last night and tried to peruse their sight. It might as well have been another language, as I had no idea what I was doing. All I know is that I want to travel out of Port Canaveral, but there were only 5 cruises from there. What do y'all think? If you've been on Norwegian (Escape appears to be the only PC option), do you think it's a decent alternative? I'm not sure what kind of discount I'll get. I don't mind trying, but it better be awfully enticing to make me not take a Royal ship.
  9. @Matt & whomever else would be so kind to input please? I am interested in the automatic gratuity breakdown. I will pay 17.50 per day per person, how is that broken down? Head Server, Server, Assistant Server, Stateroom Host? I also surmise this is collected and shared with the "back of the ship" but this is a Thanksgiving (Holiday) sailing & believe cash would be a nicer option. When I dine landside even when using a credit card I always leave a cash gratuity and have been told time and time again the servers prefer this. I have no problem adding cash at the end to the automatic charge like other posters have offered, but I like to know the specifics. I appreciate your knowledge, thank you!
  10. I was wondering, would anyone mind sharing their embarkation day rituals? Is there something you like to do immediately as soon as you step on-board? Favorite place to be on the ship for sailing away? Should we do the 1430hrs introduction to the ship tour? We are a family of 3 to include a 13 year old daughter. Youth club registration? Oh, the safety drill I see we are at E4 location, does that take long? Life jackets required? Would love to hear some fun suggestions, thanks to everyone in advance! (We are in an OS so I believe that lounge may be an option.)
  11. Sorry if this should be under Ports, but a general question for cruises with stops in the USA, and for those of us who happen to be non US Citizens. I have never cruised on a ship that had an American port in the lineup, but in Nov I will be on Anthem, and was wondering what the procedures would be when docking in Port Canaveral. We are leaving from Cape Liberty, but do we have to go through "border control" to go ashore? Or are they more lax since we left a US port and will have had no foreign ports before this one? I realize they will not be as lax as most Caribbean countries, where people didn't even look at my face OR Id lol. Just wondering. Trying to determine what we will do in Port Canaveral, and was perhaps thinking of just getting off the ship and walking around... If it will be a long wait to get ashore, it might be a good day to use a spa credit and relax on the pool deck!
  12. Hi all Looking for somewhere to hang out when we get to PC the morning of our cruise, we drive over from Orlando and hoping to be there from 9/10am. Thanks. :-)
  13. It should be a fun and exciting day at Port Canaveral on Sunday 11/13. the Port Authority is holding a special celebration at Jetty Park from 3pm -6pm. I'll be there. I hope to see some of you crazy blog people there too! :)
  14. Hi, I'm new to the Forum - Sorry if this has been asked already but, how is the best way to get from MCO to Port Canaveral? My family and I will be cruising on the Freedom of the Seas in April for a 7 night Western Caribbean Cruise. My wife and I cruised twice before on RCCL (Navigator - 5/05 and 4/06 - yes, it's been a while!) but this will be the first cruise for my 6yr old son and 8yr old girl. This will be our first cruise out of Port Canaveral (cruised previously out of Miami), and have plans to fly in the night before to MCO, and will stay overnight at the Country Inn & Suites at Cape Canaveral. The hotel has a shuttle to the Port, but am debating on whether to hire a private limo (VIP Limo?), rent a car one-way (Hertz is right next door to our hotel), or rent a car for the week and leave it at the hotel. For the return leg, we fly out of MCO same day we get back into Port, but is an early afternoon flight (2:45p). Thoughts? Thanks for all the help in advance!
  15. has RCI or when will RCI announce the 2016 schedules. I'm most interested to find out if they will home port another ship at Port Canaveral since the new Terminal 1 just opened with RCI as the primary tenant. Thanks, Hunt
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