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Found 18 results

  1. According to the Le Havre port authority, Odyssey of the Seas will be sailing out of Southampton from May 2025. Anyone else seen anything confirming this.? Link here. https://www.havre-port.com/fr/liste/2077/escales-croisieres
  2. We are sailing on Odyssey of the Sea for a 7 night Greek Isle cruise out of Rome in July and I am thinking of doing Oia on your own or Fira on your own. The Fira on your own starts at 4:30 and I don't want to start that late. Oia starts at 1:30. I am not sure what time we arrive or leave port that day. I will be traveling with a 13, and 16 year old, my husband, and my 78 year old mother. So we have a variety of interests, but we are all capable of walking (maybe not the whole path between the towns). Any suggestions on which would be better or if we should do one on our own? Thank you
  3. Trying to figure out what menu will be served each night in the MDR so we can plan/reserve specialty restaurants. Can anyone confirm/correct this, especially on night 4? I called RCCL and they could not tell me what menu would be presented each night. Night 1: Welcome Aboard Night 2: French Night / Formal Night 3: Caribbean Night Night 4: Italian, Mediterranean, or British Night Night 5: Royal Night / Formal Night 6: Bon Voyage Night
  4. Is anyone on the odyssey of the seas and able to pick me up a ship model I got home and realized the North Star was broken I will pay for the ship and shipping thanks!!!!!!
  5. First time visiting Greece, Turkey, and Italy. Looking for suggested shore excursions and how to make the most of our time! Traveling with two teenagers- 16 and 14.
  6. Hi everyone, My future husband and I booked back-to-back cruises in April for a 2-week honeymoon, so excited! It’ll be my first and his second time cruising so no idea what to expect. My questions are: 1. What are ways to make a cruise extra romantic and special for this occasion? I’ve heard from friends around my age (late 20s) who’ve gone on cruises that most of the guests they saw were either older or families, and I would love to meet other couples if possible. I’m also concerned since we’re going around spring break time that the attractions are going to be crowded with more kids and not as enjoyable. 2. Does RC have any “romance packages” like other cruise lines or a substitute? Couldn’t find one online. 3. Are they any attractions on Odyssey of the seas you’d especially recommend? We’re open to trying anything! Thanks and happy cruising, Emzee
  7. Hi! First time poster long time reader. Has anyone ever taken the NYE cruise on the Odyssey? My husband and I leave on Dec 30 for the 9 night south Caribbean, w/Perfect Day. I'm curious about activities and theme nights that they may have. If anyone has taken this cruise in the past, even if not for New Year's, I would love some insight, tips, or advice. Thanks!
  8. I wasn't planning to live blog this one but with all the FUD about cruising right now I thought I better clear the cruising record. FUD is Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt and there is plenty of FUD being tossed around social media with respect to cruising. Consequently this not live blog is from the ship as we return on the final sea days on our way back to Port Everglades. I didn't start out taking pictures and documenting everything with the intent to present it here so bear with me as I hobble together something to represent this cruise and to set the record straight. It's still a great time to cruise. The "enhanced" mask policy has had zero impact to me as a universal mask hater but I know the rules and I am following them. This is an eight night Southern Caribbean itinerary with a great blend of sea days and awesome ports. Day 1 - Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale embarkation Day 2 - Nassau Day 3 - Sea Day Day 4 - Sea Day Day 5 - Aruba Day 6 - Curaçao Day 7 - Sea Day Day 8 - Sea Day Day 9 - Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale debarkation Let's start with a cabin tour of an obstructed balcony cabin on deck 7. Obstructed balconies are a great way to enjoy a balcony while benefiting from a discount for living with an obstruction. On Quantum class ship the most common form of obstruction in the balcony category comes from the lifeboats and the towers that support the lifeboats (davits). Many (but not all) deck 6 and deck 7 balcony cabins are of the obstructed form but they are not all equally obstructed. By carefully picking the cabin location including choosing deck 7 the obstruction is not as significant. And now the moment you've all been waiting for... I present... the obstruction: Yep, that's it. That's several hundred dollars off the price of the cruise but YMMV. The rest of the cabin is the same as any other balcony cabin on the ship. And for the icing on the cake this is a connecting balcony cabin. However the connecting door on this class, at least in this cabin, is near the main entrance door and it seals very well. I've not heard a peep from the young college aged kids next door. By placing the connecting door here it doesn't impact the sofa or desk or any other aspect of the cabin.
  9. Can we as a community maybe put together an identification of the different Junior Suites on the Odyssey? Calling Royal does not help, their room descriptions do not help. J1, J3. J4 I know equate to berths but the bathroom descriptions are what I would like to feel positive about, arriving at my chosen or assigned cabin I want to avoid a surprise. Is there a tub? Is there a shower? Are there 2 toilets on either side or just one? I was going to book a J1 because I love the aft but it looks like the corner J1 with the large balcony only has one bath, is this the same for the centrally located J1? Thanks everybody! I'm so confused.
  10. Hello all! My family and I are going on Odyssey of the Seas in July. Being our first cruise, as you can imagine we are a bit stressed about the whole thing. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with landing at Ciampino and travelling from there to Civitavecchia. My main question is how long after landing should I book check in? I'm not sure how long it should take to leave the airport but know the drive by taxi can take anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours. Thanks in advance!
  11. im having a hard time finding all inclusive beach resorts and Georgetown and falmouth for my odyssey of the seas cruise on 4/2/23. im looking for something like maya chan. LFK. paradise beach cozumel. any and all info is appreciated! thank you for your time. bmena
  12. In this thread I'll post pictures of some of the entertainment on Odyssey of the Seas. First up, Showgirl! Showgirl! Past. Present. Future. is a powerful Royal Caribbean original entertainment production that can be found on a couple of Royal Caribbean ships. Other ships have a slightly different Showgirl! variation based on the technology and production equipment available on each ship. Since Odyssey is the newest ship at the moment she has all the cranes, hoists, variable stage lifts and other technology to really make this production shine. I've seen the show before and enjoyed other variations on different ships but the current cast on Odyssey of the Seas is really spectacular. In preparation for sailing Odyssey of the Seas a 3rd time I reached out to Royal Caribbean to seek permission to take photos of the entertainment on board. While some shows do have photography and/or video restrictions, Showgirl! just asks for no flash photography. Here are some of the photos from the November 15 sail date with none other than Nick Weir himself in attendance. Nick is the Senior Vice President of Entertainment for the entire Royal Caribbean Group including all brands within the group. This show was created by Nick and his very talented team.
  13. After reading many wonderful cruise blogs on this site, I decided to be a follower and write my own. With me being too excited about this vacation, I need more people to talk about it. So, let’s go! Parties Involved: My best friend, Kiesha & I (Ashley Joy) Ship: Odyssey of the Seas Cabin: Virtual Balcony Dates: Monday, November 15 - Saturday, November 20 Ports: CocoCay & Labadee (at least, it is still on the itinerary) Reason: Celebrating 25 years of friendship, but do you really need a reason to cruise?! Cruise History: Kiesha did a Royal Caribbean cruise about a decade ago in a Balcony I went on a Symphony in April 2019 in a Virtual Balcony, which works with my irrational fear of heights and losing objects overboard. It was my only cruise to date, but I left addicted!!!!! Backstory: This trip has been a long time coming. I would always say, “Kiesha, we hardly ever vacation together.” When we met our freshman year of college, we used to take trips all the time. As real adults, we have gone on a couple of long weekend adventures. This past June, I had just returned from vacation and was needing another vacation (why is it always like that?!) so, I was researching the Royal Caribbean website. Luck would have it, I found a: great cruise itinerary set of dates that would work decent price new ship my favorite type of cabin I asked Kiesha to join me. She only had one question, “is it Royal Caribbean?” I said, “is there any other cruise line?” The next day I reached out to Caroline at MEI. Now, we only have 50 days to go! I told you I am too excited to not have anyone to regularly talk about this trip. To keep things interesting, my doctor and I decided this a great time to have surgery. In about ten days, it will be operation day. The cruise will be six weeks into a seven week recovery plan. I am thankful that my doctor believes my only underlying issue will be tiredness.
  14. I'm starting this thread so we can post updates here on new sailings before November which I believe are about to be published soon. So far, no changes have been made on the Royal website.
  15. If I am reading things right, in order to sail with children 12 and older they must be vaccinated? Okay, so is the company going to refund my four after this date sailings? My daughter is 15 and while vaccination isn't off the table we want to wait for additional education before we give her this vaccine, so clearly our sailing 01 August 2021 is a no go. I paid with my FCC's please, will they be issuing refunds now? As an adult I am vaccinated, but I want to do my due diligence not be forced into something before I am ready. Thoughts? Anyone in the same boat here? @Matt am I understanding this correctly?? @Sharla what now?
  16. Royal Caribbean will have at least 6 cruise ships definitely sailing this summer. I am very interested to see how many people have booked the different cruise options available for this summer.
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