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  1. Can ride shares(Uber/Lyft) take you all the way to the terminal or do they have to stop at security at the Fort Lauderdale, Port Everglades cruise port? Also, does anyone have estimate of how much Royal Caribbean transfers are from the airport to cruise port compared to ride shares? Or even have a preference of what is a better option? The 1 and only time I've cruised before was with a large group and my kids so it made sense to just use Royal Caribbean transfers from airport. This time it's just me and my hubby so I feel like we have more of an option. I didn't mind the large bus filled with people last time, but, I was thinking if it isn't much of a price difference, then why not have a private drive.
  2. Because of your original roll call here, I started asking the other questions! So thank you so much for the info. I'm not in a suite, just a balcony but I will try to come back and ask you if you got the run down. I too want to dress up for everything they have. And that's good to know that the suite passengers get the heads up so I will consider that for the next time. Do you know why they don't disclose events or planned activities before hand to everyone? Just curious.
  3. Thanks for the great details! Wow, that sounds like it was not what was expected. I hope you have a much better time on your Thanksgiving cruise. I will definitely update on this NYE cruise.
  4. Thanks for all the details! I'm just so anxious about knowing what to pack. I really want be ready for whatever there is to do.
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I'm definitely preparing myself for the crowds. How long was the Labor day cruise? Really looking forward to cruising and I hope we can make a yearly or semi annual thing. Fingers crossed!
  6. Good point...smh...Thanks! I wonder if NYE on most ships are similar or completely different?
  7. Hi! First time poster long time reader. Has anyone ever taken the NYE cruise on the Odyssey? My husband and I leave on Dec 30 for the 9 night south Caribbean, w/Perfect Day. I'm curious about activities and theme nights that they may have. If anyone has taken this cruise in the past, even if not for New Year's, I would love some insight, tips, or advice. Thanks!
  8. Hi! My husband I are going on this cruise and I have to say I'm a more than a little obsessed and excited about going! This is and isn't our first cruise. We went with a large amount of family for my cousins 50th, the first time and we also had 4 of our 5 (10, 8, 4, and 2) children with us. We had no idea what to expect the first time. We were just excited to be there! Needless to say we spent a lot of time getting the kids ready for the day, taking them to the camp, then picking them up from the camp, having dinner with the family, getting them ready for bed and then pretending we had the energy to do anything else. Honestly, I don't know what we expected but I know that I expected a lot more relaxing and it was anything but. What I will say is that we loved what we saw and were determined to get a little bit of what we saw everyone else doing. So, as soon as we got back home, we moved across the country(because we're a military family), got settled and booked a cruise for just the 2 of us. "Cruise fun here we come, October 2020!" I'm sure we all can guess why that didn't go as planned. Fast forward to now and December can't get here fast enough. Cruiser4Life, you mentioned you do the NYE cruises a lot. Can you give a little insight about what themes or any special activities to expect? Are there a lot more parties? Can to speak to age demographic of the people on the ship? Are there a lot of families? My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary and also my 40th birthday while on the cruise. I would love to know what to plan for.
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