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Found 11 results

  1. I booked two excursions, one in playa mia (Cozumel) and a stingray one (Cayman). Our kids are 2 and 3 now. When I paid and booked the excursion it only charged for the adults, had a check mark next to the kids but charged nothing. I believe it noted them as infants as well. I'm nervous about this, the kids will be 3 and 4 by the time the cruise rolls around. Could I be in a situation where I show up to playa mia and they ask the age of my son, I say 4 and they charge me at the gate or something?
  2. Will be going on Anthem in 19 days with my daughter (17 months). 50+ friends & family going for my brothers wedding. Best excursion recommendations and things to do on the ship for toddlers? First time cruising with a little one.... thanks!
  3. We are cruising in July and we're bringing our 16yp DS's 16yo best friend ( he does have a passport). His parents are divorced and both are remarried. I remember reading somewhere here that there might be a Royal Caribbean release form for those of us who will be bringing a minor who isn't our own and that it would need to be notarized. I've searched these boards and cannot seem to find that particular thread again. Can anyone help?
  4. Does the photo package still include children in other cabins? My husband and I are traveling with our five children in three cabins. One of our children is 21, the rest younger. I read a post from 2017 that said once onboard, the photo vendor can link your children in other cabins, if they are under a certain age, to the package, but when I call RC they said No, but I could check with the vendor. There is a direct link to the vendor from the RC.com site which states that children 21 and under in other cabins are linked. I sent in a ticket to the vendor to be certain and it has been four days with no word from the vendor. I would like to buy the package now as it is on sale but I am concerned I will get onboard and be told they will not honor what their website says, since in contradicts RC info. Has anyone linked children in other cabins recently? Cruising soon so appreciate any timely help. Thanks!!!
  5. We are sailing on Enchantment on August 28th. What I like least About cruising is very early afternoon on embarkation day when everyone is jammed into the Windjammeir. to circumvent this I went ahead and pre-purchased lunch at Chops. We have an active 18 month old who will be on his third cruise (Alaska, Bahamas & now Mexico) and eats like gangbusters. Question!!! What are his option for what RC consider No Charge for under age 3. THX
  6. Correct me if I am wrong but when getting on and off the ship at ports you need a photo ID as well as your sea pass. Does that go for young children as well? My daughters only ID with a photo is her passport ( and she was 6 months old so doesnt even look close to the same). I dont like taking passports on or off the ship because so many things can happen! Want them to stay in the safe! But we have drivers licenses that we can use and she only has the passport. Will that be a problem? Thx!
  7. 1st time cruisers! We are looking to book a group of 8 family holiday on symphony of the seas and my brother is worried about losing his kids. Is there any way of keeping track of children whilst on board? Also what are the queues like for different activities and getting on/ of the ship?
  8. Anyone out there have experience travelling with children on a separate reservation? Here's the situation. There are six of us going on the Oasis on 24 June. My sister-in-law and her 2 kids are joining us (me, my wife and adult daughter) and we are in the 2 BR aquatheater. There are, of course, two reservations for the room, one with the 4 adults and one with the 2 children. I've gotten the onboard expense accounts set up for the four adults but no matter how I try, I can't get it to let me connect the 2 children's expense accounts to mine. Here's what I've done so far: 1. I set up all four adults. All three columns (Guest Information, Onboard Expense Account, Cruise Ticket Contract) now say completed. 2. I set up the children's reservations and all three columns are also completed. I chose None for the expense account, which appears to be correct, at least as I read the instructions. Neither of the other two options, Credit Card and Cash, seem correct and/or want more information than should be on the children's account. I've also tried the Cash option and still get the same results I outline below. I haven't tried inputting my credit card onto the kid's reservation, as it tries to associate it with the children's name (as if it was their card). 3. In the adult reservation I successfully linked the children's reservation. I know this was successful because they show up in the SetSail Pass now. 4. When I use the "Add and pay for guests in another reservation" link, it successfully pulls the two kids in, but does not give me a check box to actually put them on my account: Screen shot below (I didn't include the names for obvious reasons). You can see the lower two boxes under Guest have no boxes to check. I really wasn't concerned with this until I printed the SetSail and noticed that the kids are not listed under my credit card, I'm assuming because they are marked as None for the expense account. They are listed on it for boarding, though. Anyone else experience this? I'm not overly concerned, but since the oldest is 13, I wanted him to have a little responsibility and have a limit that he could spend. And to be fair, give a limit for the younger child, too. This is their first cruise and my first with younger children joining me. Any advice? Should I ask the Genie to correct this as we get closer? Thanks, in advance!
  9. Hi, all! I'm appealing to the collective intelligence here. My wife, two sons (ages 6 and 4 at sailing) and I will be visiting Falmouth in March 2018. I've been researching excursion ideas, but I've found none that really appeal. I'm hoping you can help. My wife is not really a beach person, and with the ages of my kids, I'm not sure that an action/adventure excursion is right for us. Most of them have age limits that would prevent our youngest from going. I'm also concerned that my children would not be terribly entertained by a cultural visit. Does anyone else have brilliant ideas that would appeal to younger children but not necessarily include a beach? So far, my favored option seems to be a day pass to the Hilton Rose Hall resort (mainly for the pools with waterslides for my two little bundles of energy). However, I'm curious what else might work well. Thanks in advance!
  10. Can anyone offer suggestions for traveling with children with special needs. We have booked the Allure of the seas in July and have seen that they are Autism Friendly. Our son does not have autism he has compound developmental delays. But having someone who is aware of autism will at least be a step forward in the right direction. When we informed out travel agent about the issue we were given a 'Special Needs Form' and we will be contacting RCCL about it. Most of the needs discussed on the form are related to mobility (Wheelchairs) not the issues wit respect to our sons needs. Does anyone have experience that they can pass on. When we went to Disney we provided a doctors letter which assisted with items like wait times for rides and access to special areas. We want our son to experience the cruise and the excursions but frankly we are concerned that it might be better to leave him with relatives then take him on the cruise...
  11. With the recent news of a child nearly drowning on Independence of the Seas (nearly drowned, contrary to article's title), do you think that Royal Caribbean needs to staff lifeguards poolside? According to a recent CC article, Disney Cruise Lines is the only major line to staff lifeguards. As a certified lifeguard myself, as well as Lifeguard Instructor: American Red Cross, Basic Life Support Instructor: American Heart Assocation, and a Certified Community Emergency Responder, I have my own opinion. Legally speaking, SOME states have passed laws that state ALL businesses operating swimming pools must provide a lifeguard during operating hours. Other states say that "Swim at your own Risk" signs are sufficient. Regardless, I think the only thing that the family COULD argue if they wanted to come after RCI is the notion of a "gate" of sorts--basically means to keep young children from inadvertently venturing into a swimming pool. Beyond that, I am of the opinion that staffing swimming pools with lifeguards would a) change the ambiance of the pool deck, even if they didn't enforce any rules, and were just there as a precaution, and b) provide parents with an even larger false sense of security, potentially leading to more emergencies. What are YOUR thoughts?
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