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  1. First let me say, I enjoyed all the shows. The entertainers were amazingly talented. The actor who plays Kenickie in Grease is phenomenal. But I found some parts tasteless. The choreography on Grease and Columbus seemed to say, "Hey everybody, we have crotches!" An example: In Grease Rizzo grinds an album to her crotch while she lies on her back, legs spread. The look on my teens' faces was shock. In Columbus the men literally have an exaggerated pouch in front. Why? I guess to be funny? The obsession with this area was cheap and vulgar. The Ice Skating Show was again populated with grea
  2. Hi. I am leaving from Port Canaveral on the Harmony tomorrow. My set sail pass says I can arrive anytime between 1130 and 3:30 PM. Can I get there early like 10 AM and will that help me get on faster or is that really too early? What is the earliest I can arrive that is helpful and not just sitting around? Thank you!
  3. Thank you all for your posts, especially MarvinS! This was so very helpful!
  4. Does the photo package still include children in other cabins? My husband and I are traveling with our five children in three cabins. One of our children is 21, the rest younger. I read a post from 2017 that said once onboard, the photo vendor can link your children in other cabins, if they are under a certain age, to the package, but when I call RC they said No, but I could check with the vendor. There is a direct link to the vendor from the RC.com site which states that children 21 and under in other cabins are linked. I sent in a ticket to the vendor to be certain and it has been four days
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