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Found 10 results

  1. From Allure of the Seas, October 2021. The offers are typically consistent across the fleet. Current offers implement temporary changes for pandemic protocols. Offers are subject to change as protocols evolve. Gold Platinum Emerald Diamond Diamond Plus Pinnacle Youth
  2. Hi, all. I had my first Royal Caribbean cruise in 2016 and was enrolled in the C&A club. I know that it's been a while, but we are wanting to book again, and when I tried to log in at the RC website, I got a message saying either my e-mail or my password are incorrect. So I clicked "forgot password" and then I get a message that either says "sorry for the hiccup - please try again later," or it tells me that my g-mail address is "not quite right." Did I lose the few points that I had forever? It was just 7, but its still 7 more than zero. My husband is also trying log in to his account and is getting the same results. Thanks in advance! Nichole
  3. There's a $37 bottle of Moscato in the gift catalog. We are bringing 2 more expensive bottles for our room, figured we could just buy Moscato on board. We won't have liquor packages, but isn't there a crown and anchor discount on bottles of wine? We are platinum. I was looking for that current crown and anchor thread on here but I couldn't find it. What I'm trying to math out is should I buy two bottles of Moscato now in the gift catalog, or wait and buy on board with a CnA discount?
  4. This morning I was awarded my newest Crown and Anchor points taking me to Emerald. I had to call because while my account was correct Mr Cabash and daughters were not. Now I contacted @Sharlaabout checking for any new discounts due to this change but I am confused about the welcome amenity, do you choose something? Where do you do this? Do they just give you something random? Thanks everyone!
  5. I know we are able to recieve the loyalty benefits we have earned with RC when sailing with Celebrity, how exactly do we register this when making a Celebrity cruise? Had a look at the FAQ and couldn't see how to register our RC status with Celebrity.
  6. My fiancé and I are very excited about our honeymoon, two RC cruises with a day between in Sept. 2020. I was listening to the RC blog podcast on embarkation day and it brought up a question. This will be my third cruise, so I’m a gold member. It will be his first, so obviously no status yet. I understand they board by Crown and Anchor status. Would we be able to go in the gold line because of my status, or will we need to go in the general line to board together? Additionally, how fast do points post? He would technically be gold by our second cruise, which leaves the day after the first one returns. Would his sea pass already be updated? Thanks in advance!!
  7. Good evening, I have some questions as I have booked Back to Back cruises on the Oasis of the Seas.. Firstly, how does the Casino work? Do they have any programs like Carnival? After I accumulated 1500 points I got free drinks in the Casino.. Does RC have anything like that? Is there a Casino card that accumulates points and get future discounted ( or free ) cruises from the Casino? Secondly, we have booked a Grand Suite.. I have read a few things about Suite Perks.. is there any extra ones that aren't on the RC website? Any really good perks I should know about? Thirdly, being that this is my first RC cruise, it sounds like I don't get the Crown Anchor Society benefits for my first cruise.. is that true? Fourthly, being that we are doing Back to Back cruises and we couldn't get the same suite, do we have to completely pack take bags off the the ship, and re register or? Lastly, could someone explain how the dining works now for the Oasis of the Seas.. sounds like dinners etc were in the MDR with set times, now it's dynamic dining? what exactly does that mean? I'm sure I have lots more questions, but this is it for now... I'm the type of person who likes to do all sorts of research before the cruise so I don't waste time on the ship trying to figure stuff out :) I really really appreciate any help in regards to my questions.. thanks so much Cheers, Jill :)
  8. I was thinking of making my son first or second passenger on our future cruises so that he can start accruing Crown and Anchor status. Will this work? Any pros or cons I should be aware of?
  9. Being that my next cruise isn't until June 16' and RCCL just announced that they will be "putting some meat on the bones" of the amenities that passengers who book suites receive: WHAT DO YOU THINK IT WILL LOOK LIKE? Will it be a copy of Celebraties program? WIll there be different categories for different suite types? WIll it impact free upgrades? I realize this topic may be short lived, because they could release details any day, but for now....What are your thoughts?
  10. Yesterday I read something about the huge C&A discounts being gone from the Empress bookings so this morning I checked. Yep. Gone. They are only showing the same BOGOHO + C&A OBC that the rest of the fleet is getting. BOY am I glad I booked last week. That very lucrative 62% discount is now a disappointing 25%...and the base price hasn't gone down, either. The Empress is very tempting at the deep discount but I probably wouldn't even consider her at the current price. Nice while it lasted and lucky I took advantage of it while it was in effect !
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