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  1. Here's what I tested and my results on the Majesty over Christmas: WindScribe Subscription VPN using Strong Swan Client on Android: Wouldn't connect at all. I didn't test this thoroughly, but it did not work with the default settings from Windscribe. I'll try some other servers and protocols on Allure in March. Chrome Remote Desktop to home PC: Worked perfectly. A little laggy, but understandable with satellite. Still perfectly usable. Connecting to work via Citrix Receiver: Also worked perfectly WiFi calling on T-mobile w/ Android phone and Verizon w/ an iPhone 7+.
  2. When I've compared cruise fares across multiple sites, I've rarely found any big price differences (all else equal). It's usually only a few dollars difference if at all. The differences tend to come in the perks--OBC, beverage packages, gift cards to other things, etc. Price matching is easy, I bet they don't match goodies though!
  3. We're going on another cruise in March and I just realized we'll be crossing in to the Atlantic time zone for two of the stops. What does that mean for departure and arrival times listed on the itinerary? For example, it says we're leaving St. Thomas at 7pm; is that 7pm Eastern, or 7pm Atlantic (local time)?
  4. Day Two, Part Two: We headed back to our cabins to get ready for dinner, tonight was formal night. Towel animal alert! We didn’t really dress up that much, more “Sunday Dinner” than formal and that was fine. Some people dressed to the nines, others took it more casual. We took a group photo on the way in and then we were seated for dinner. MIL & FIL just got Caesar salads. Other Half got the Cantaloupe and Honeydew w/ Midori Yogurt and I got the bay scallop gratin and the Vignole salad. Other Half liked the fruit, but hated the yogurt. My scallops were fine
  5. I don't know what the full length of the building is all for, but when we were waiting for our excursion, we lined up along the yellow wall and they lead us around to the dock to board the boat. Afterwards when the buses dropped us off, we came back to the pier through the terminal inside where they checked photo-IDs. I think it's basically the Bahamian customs and port terminal.
  6. Frozen, microwaveable pizza they sell at gas stations still beats Sorrentos and that's about as mass produced as it gets. There has to be more to it than that. I must understand this! You mention Indy's pizza being different and somehow more horrible, so maybe that's a clue? Majesty's my only Sorrentos experience so far. I'm sailing on the Allure this coming March. I will try the Sorrentos there and report back. For science.
  7. Oh, I'm exactly the same way. I heard the bad reviews online and I couldn't quite believe it myself. No pizza can be that bad! It was. I had to try multiple slices of different kinds on different days because I still didn't completely believe it. Same result. Every time.
  8. Day Two, Part One We slept in almost 8am, which is astonishing for us as we’re usually pretty early risers, but we also don’t usually sleep in a pitch-dark room. We got ready and headed up to the main dining room for breakfast and were seated by 8:45. We were seated at a ten-top with a family of three and an older couple, all of whom were friendly and had a nice conversation. We ordered off the menu, it looked like there was a buffet area set up, but we didn’t go over to check it out. After breakfast we went up topside to watch the ship pull in to Nassau. We were early and
  9. I noticed jerk chicken wings on the lunch buffet on the Majesty. I liked the seasoning on them, it seemed they were baked instead of fried though and the skin didn't crisp up, but I don't usually expect "crisp" on a buffet anyway. The heat level seemed mild to me, although I eat a lot of spicy food so my perceptions can be a bit skewed.
  10. As I complete the "live" blog of my recent Christmas cruise on the Majesty at a glacial pace, there's something I really need to talk with other cruisers about. Let me start by saying that I am FAR from a pizza snob. While I've enjoyed some excellent pizza in my time, and I frequently make my own cast iron pan pizzas from scratch, I still appreciate a slice from a national chain, the mall, Cici's or even Digiorno's and Red Barron. I was a firm believer that there's no such thing as bad pizza. Just good pizza and better pizza. I was wrong. Sorrento's is bad pizza. What in gods n
  11. The combo deal (Deluxe Beverage and VOOM) I got on my Majesty sailing was surf and stream. They weren't advertising "surf" at all aboard the ship. I think they're phasing it out.
  12. I think it was listed as $19.99 onboard the Majesty for Surf & Stream. I booked it in advance as part of the drink package. My upcoming March Allure sailing has it listed on the cruise planner at $15.99 and I paid $14.29 during a sale.
  13. I too got a slip of paper with the code when they gave me my Sea Pass at the terminal.
  14. Does anyone have any idea of the amount or percentages of who gets what? I'm curious how many people are getting paid for face-to-face services vs how much of it goes to folks who are generally unseen like laundry, cooks, etc.
  15. My holiday sailing on the Majesty had it on sale as low as $14.99 by itself and $15.99 with the soda package. I got it with the drink package combo for $54.99. There's some sort of arcane math behind when and how they decide to discount things onboard.
  16. We disembarked yesterday, picked up the doggies from their retreat & spa and are getting back to life where we have to cook and clean for ourselves again... Now, let's catch up on this blogging thing! Day One, Part Three: We decided to check out the Port Shopping show in the Chorus Line theatre. Not really my area of interest, but MIL wanted to check it out, and they were giving away freebies. It was a husband-and-wife team advertising some of the Nassau shops and they gave away some nice goodies ranging from t-shirts, earings, to spa certificates and even a free Wifi certific
  17. Quick Update, Santa and his elves just arrived to give presents to the children aboard the Majesty. Also, Merry Christmas everyone!
  18. I'm doing a terrible job at the "live" part of live blogging, but the others are napping, so I've got some time for updates! Day One, Part Two Got aboard just after 10:45 and checked out some of the decorations in the Centrum: I also followed the advice of the fine folks here by heading straight to our dining room and checking out our assigned table. It was a 4-top window seat, so I got exactly what I was hoping for! We headed up to the pool bar and got the special drink of the day, a Tropical Sands. It was a good starter, seemed similar to a Bahama Mama, but much
  19. Day One, Part One We left the house around 830 this morning, dropped the doggies off at their retreat and spa for the weekend and proceeded to Port Canaveral. We parked at the port, which cost $85... oof! But no fussing with shuttles and easier for MIL and FIL. We dropped our bags off right to the porters. The people in front of us had a lot of bags didn't pre-tag them so it took a while for the porter to handwrite their tags. Always print your tags yourself, we dropped ours off to the second porter who walked over and we were on our way. We proceeded through security in
  20. We saw Cher at Monte Carlo and I totally gorged myself on the brunch buffet at Paris (with unlimited mimosas, naturally) when I was over there in May of this year. Highly recommend both. Found a groupon at the last minute for the brunch buffet, do a search, it might still be good.
  21. I can't believe it's nearly here, but we will be heading out on Majesty of the Seas out of Port Canaveral tomorrow for a 4-night trip to Nassau, Coco Cay and back; spending Christmas Day at sea! I have the VOOM package, so I'll try to live-blog as much as I can without getting yelled at, but I may have to keep it quick and fill in more details from home . . . So, a little background on how this trip came to be might be in order. If you've seen Christmas with the Kranks, we're basically living the set-up to the movie. My other half's mother (I'm calling her MIL from this point forward,
  22. To share the ship's satellite connection with the shore? It seems like it would make more sense for that to work the other way around--connecting the ship to the island's service provider--whatever they're using. Labadee's communications can't go completely dark when they don't happen to have a ship in port, so they have to have their own independent communications infrastructure regardless. Haiti's infrastructure is pretty rough, so I have no idea if a hard line is even available or if it's all on satellite. As for extending whatever they have out for guest use, well, it would take mo
  23. Why are they so secretive about how the points system works? Fear of people gaming the system?
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