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  1. The FCC is used for the cruise fare portion of each individual guest. KSF is an awesome promo, except in times like this where you are trying to use a FCC. Because the kids are not paying a cruise fare, you will not be able to use/apply their FCCs to any sailing that involves KSF. You will only be able to apply the FCC to those who are paying a cruise fare.
  2. I wonder if that has to do with the lofts on Anthem being at the back of the ship? I thought I recalled reading about others who had balconies who were allowed to keep it open?
  3. They are not really "changing it" really. What I have learned over time is that some ships waive this rule and some stick to it. Like all things Royal and Star class, it is inconsistent.
  4. @shaydav19, I hate to be negative, but you might be fighting a losing battle. Over the past week, I have had my own fight with Royal over FCC, even to the point of escalating to corporate level. Royal is not budging this time. They are giving out the same "canned/generic" responses to all. I know this because many people have sent messages my way of the same generic response. You could try to email corporate, like many of us already have, but what I am saying is, not to be surprised if you end up with the same response. But by all means, do so, because the more they hear, the better. Here are the emails that I sent a letter to: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
  5. That is what keeps us going these days. Thoughts of that cabin. ❤️
  6. Not sure why 6630 isn’t on the deck plans. That is a bit strange. I know that when Odyssey first became available for booking, the deck plans needed revision a few times because they were inaccurate. Perhaps they are not complete yet? Hopefully someone else has insight on this. This is the extra half bath on Anthem:
  7. Mostly all the Junior suites in the Royal fleet are glorified balcony cabins, with little to no other benefits other than double points and a larger bathroom. Booking a JS on Oasis or Quantum has the added bonus that you can dine in Coastal Kitchen if there is availability. If you are lucky, some of the Junior Suites also have the added pullman bed. Deck plans can show you which ones have it and which ones don't. The one thing I like about Quantum class JS are that they have the 1 1/2 bath which most others do not.
  8. I was just kidding. There’s a long time running joke here that @JLMoran has a way with words. No doubt that he has good insight.
  9. And this is where I checked out...🥴😆 Back to checking prices...
  10. @Matt has a blog post from June 2019 on this topic when they first revised the policy. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/06/26/all-about-the-royal-caribbean-shareholder-discount?fbclid=IwAR1gq55vxtwHPf1BY8-cBizt2E1iVmszTPqqCz7Th7_qANM3c6-0HxdboXY
  11. And also you don't get the OBC for cruises booked prior to June 2019....
  12. All jokes aside though, how many of you actually have 100 shares or more in Royal stock and is it worthwhile? I've been trying to gather information and I will admit, this is one area that I don't really know anything about. From initial research, it looks like the only real advantage is OBC and even that has a lot of restrictions if you read the fine print. Any insight is much appreciated.
  13. @SpeedNoodles are you following all of this??? I got lost after "open an account", time to put my head back in the sand. lol @Bean79..kidding, good tips. Thank you. Might look into it further now that I have some time off at home. 😉
  14. Hahaha! That was like me too! In the end, I figured that I would just stick to watching prices lol.
  15. That is exactly what I do. I watch prices regularly and once it falls to a price I am comfortable with, I will call and switch cabins. Usually, this happens after final payment around the 45-60 day mark. That is what I have noticed in the past. Royal Up is another option but IMO, not a great one since the bid options don’t always reflect actual inventory.
  16. You can only use the FCC on cruise fare, not deposit, shore excursions, OBC , etc. If you have FCC left over, when you complete your sailing, the remainder can be applied to another sailing. If that option doesn’t work, your best bet would be to take the cash refund.
  17. Agree with @WAAAYTOOO, this is a great distraction!
  18. I’m with @Neesa on this one. I have 4 other sailings booked for this year starting in July. With all the negative news around us, these boards, and the hope of cruising again, is something that many of us are looking forward to. Great for mental health in the midst of all this social distancing and doom & gloom. While I am not oblivious to what is going on around us, I choose to remain positive through all this. 🙂
  19. Truthfully, I never found FCCs confusing until now. I suppose that is because we have never applied it to a sailing where there is excess FCC? Now I am confused too lol...
  20. @Mike P as long we all get to go on Odyssey's inaugural, I'm all good! Let's think positive. 😉
  21. Just caught up on this thread and here is what I know first hand from the latest FCC that I applied back in December 2019. We booked for 03/15/2020 a long time ago and put down a $1000 deposit for 4 people. Final payment rolled around and I paid the remainder of the balance, including port taxes and fees. The cruise was now paid in full, port taxes, fees, and cruise fare. I had two FCCs (one under my name, and one under my husband) that I then applied to the sailing, after final payment was made (there was a mix up and I could not apply prior to final payment). A few days later, the entire amount on the FCCs came back to my credit card. So, not sure if this answers your question or not, or how they split their "buckets" as @AshleyDillo describes, but I would imagine that if you applied the FCC prior to final payment, you would be able to redeem the full value of it as well, regardless of where they "shift" your deposit to. Or perhaps, I misunderstood your question completely? I don't even know lol.
  22. July 15th? That’s the one that we are currently booked on.
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